English Breakfast £4.95
Fried egg, rasher of bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms,
hash brown and baked beans

Turkish Breakfast £5.95
Fried egg, Turkish sausages (sucuk), fresh tomato,
cucumbers, feta cheese and olives

Vegetarian Breakfast £4.95
Veg sausage, scrambled eggs, tomato, mushrooms, hash
brown, baked beans

Gluten Free Breakfast £5.95
Free-range boiled egg, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and
gluten free toast.

Vegan Breakfast £5.95
Vegan Bacon, Vegan sausage, Tofu, baked beans, cherry
tomatoes and mushrooms

Omelette £5.95
Choose 2 omelette fillings – cheese, tomato, onion, ham,
mushrooms, roast peppers
Each extra filling – £0.60

Toasties: 1 Filling – £2.55
Choice of filling – Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Sausage, Turkish Sausage, Veggie sausage, onions, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, ham, scrambled egg, beans

Each extra filling – £0.60
White or Granary Sliced Bread of Barm Cake

COLD SANDWICHES (all served with fries or salad)

Telve Club Sandwich £6.50
Triple deck sandwich with chicken, bacon, mayo, cheese, tomato, lettuce and cucumber

Humus Club Sandwich £4.50
Triple deck sandwich with humus, sundried tomato, roasted pepper and pesto

Chicken Baguette £5.95
Crusty baguette, grilled chicken breast, topped with mayo

Peri peri Chicken Baguette £6.50
Chargrilled chicken, lettuce, topped with peri peri sauce

Steak Baguette £6.50
Crusty baguette, served with sirloin steak, roasted onions and mushrooms

Halloumi Baguette £5.50
Crusty baguette, grilled halloumi cheese, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes and pesto

Meatballs Baguette £5.50
Crusty baguette, homemade meatballs (cooked in tomato sauce)

Cheese Baguette £5.50
Crusty baguette, three cheese and roast pepper


Festive Feast £5.10
(tender turkey breast, succulent sausage and streaky
bacon covered in our special cranberry sauce)

Spicy Italian £5.10
(blend of pepperoni and salami, topped
with cheese and choice of crispy vegies, served cold or
hot on freshly baked bread.

Cheese & Bacon Ranch Melt £4.95
(chicken strips, streaky bacon, topped of with shredded
cheddar cheese and drizzled with ranch sauce.

Chicken Pizziola £5.20
(tender chicken, spicy pepperoni, melted cheese)

Make your own:
• Tuna Mayo £4.95
• Cheese & Tomato £4.50
• Tuna & Sweetcorn £4.95
• BLT £4.95
• Ham & Tomato £4.50
• Big Club Sandwich (x4 fillings) £5.50
• Egg & Mayo £4.50

PANINIS (all served with fries or salad)

Telve Special– Kumru £6.95
Sucuk, Turkish sausage, salami, gherkins, (tursu) and
melted cheese

Turkish Panini £6.50
Turkish sausage and tomato

Mozzarella Panini £5.50
Buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, red onions and pesto

Halloumi Panini £5.50
Grilled halloumi and tomatoes

Peri peri Chicken Panini £6.50
Grilled chicken marinated in peri peri sauce

Tuna Cheese Melt Panini £6.50
Tuna with mayo and cheese


Falafel wrap £5.50
Falafel and humus
Chicken Wrap £6.20
Grilled chicken breast, sweet chilli sauce, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo

Beef Wrap £6.20
Grilled tender beef, sweet chilli sauce, onions, lettuce tomatoes and mayo

Halloumi Wrap £5.95
Halloumi cheese, onion and tomatoes

Peri peri Chicken Wrap £6.50
Grilled chicken marinated in peri peri sauce

LUNCH MENU (all served with fries or salad)

Soup of the Day (& a bread roll) £4.95

Salmon £9.50
Grilled or Steamed salmon, mash potato or vegetables
and hollandaise sauce

Penne Chicken £5.95
Chicken, tomato sauce and shaved parmesan cheese

Penne Meatballs £5.95
Homemade meatballs cooked in tomato sauce and
shaved parmesan cheese

Lamb Moussaka (Homemade) £8.95
Oven baked dish with layered minced lamb, layered
aubergine, courgette, mushrooms, patato, pepper and
tomatoes, topped with béchamel sauce and chees.

Vegie Moussaka (Homemade) £7.50
Oven baked dish with layered aubergine, courgette,
mushrooms, potato, pepper and tomato, topped with
béchamel sauce and cheese.

BURGERS (served with fries & salad)

Telve Special Burger £6.50
Homemade beef burger, red onions, gherkins, tomatoes,
lettuce and melted cheese.

Burger £5.95
Beef burger, fried onions, tomatoes and lettuce

Chicken Fillet Burger £5.95
Chicken breast fillet, lettuce and mayo

Veggie Burger £5.95
Veggie burger topped with fried onions and peppers

Vegan Burger £6.95
Homemade vegan burger, lettuce, tomatoes topped with
grilled tofu served in wholemeal burger bun and garnish


Turkish Salad £5.95
Feta Cheese, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber,
red onions, olives with olive oil & lemon juice

Tuna Salad £6.50
Tuna, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion,
Cucumber with a choice of dressing

Chicken Salad £6.95
Grilled chicken, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion,
Cucumber with a choice of dressing

Halloumi Salad £6.50
Grilled Halloumi Cheese, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes
with olive oil and balsamic dressing


Oven baked Jacket Potato with a variety of fillings served with mix salad

• Tuna Mayo £5.50
• Beans £4.50
• Beans and Cheese £4.95
• Cheese £4.50
• Chilli Con carne £5.95

HOT & COLD APPETISERS (served with salad)

Chicken Rolls £3.50
Calamari £4.50
Garlic Mushroom £3.50
Battered Prawns £4.50
Scampi £5.50


• Fries £2.50
• Mixed Salad £2.90
• Garlic Bread £2.50
• Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.50
• Humus with pitta bread £3.00



• Fish fingers
• Chicken nuggets
• Penne with Cheese
• Hot Dog

Add your ice cream for £1.00


• Flat White (R) £2.25 In – £2.80
• Cappuccino (R) £2.45 (L) £2.85 In – £2.85
• Caffe Latte (R) £2.35 (L) £2.75 In – £2.75
• Mocha Latte (R) £2.50 (L) £2.80 In – £2.80
• Chai Latte (R) £2.70 (L) £2.90 In – £2.90
• Americano (R) £1.95 (L) £2.20 In – £2.70
• Espresso £1.90 In – £2.50
*Add Syrups: Hazelnut – Vanilla – Caramel – Cinnamon – Mint £0.60

• Turkish Coffee £2.50
(Ask for our Special Flavoured Turkish Coffee Varieties)
• Belgian Hot Chocolate (R) £2.40 (L) £2.70
• Belgian Hot Chocolate with whipped cream (R) 2.90 (L) £3.10
• Belgian Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows (R)£3.10 (L) £3.50
*Add a Twist to your Hot Chocolate……….. £0.80

• Telve Turkish Tea £1.50
• Tea/Decaf Tea £1.75
• Earl Grey Tea £1.80
• Green Tea £1.80
• Mint Tea £1.80
• Range of Herbal Infusions £1.95
(Pure Green Tea, Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger)
*Pot of Tea for two £3.30


• Chocolate Fudge Cake……………………..£3.20
• Sidoli Handmade Coffee & Walnut Cake ..£3.50
• Cheese Cake………………………..………£3.20
• Sidoli Carrot Cake…………………..………£3.50
• Gluten Free Cheese Cake…………………£3.50
• Vegan Cake…………………………………………..£3.50
• Telve Special Baklava………………………£3.50

*Add Scope of Ice cream for £1.00



Regular £3.50       Large £4.10
Strawberry Breeze Smoothie
Strawberry, banana, apple juice, yoghurt & ice

Tropical Thunder Smoothie
Mango, pineapple, tropical juice, yoghurt & ice

Mango Crush Smoothie
Mango, mango nectar & ice

Berry Attack Smoothie
Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry juice & ice

Raspberry Smoothie
Raspberry, banana, mango nectar, cranberry juice & ice
*Chocolate bar for 70p, whipped cream for 20p, flake for 40p, protein whey for £1.50, roll wafer for 20p extra & extra topping available